About Us:

Since 2003, Zombiehunters(dot)org (ZS) had been a place for like minded people to gather, share information, and build community. Politics and religion were verboten. To quote from the old board:
"ZS is where rabid republicans can sit down and talk trigger tuning jobs on AR variants with devout democrats; where successful businessmen, doctors and lawyers can sit down and talk about backpacks and hydration pouches with struggling students and minimum wagers; where short back and sides sunday go to meeting types can sit down and talk vegetable gardening with punk rocking tattooed pagans; where paranoid skywatchers can sit down and talk food & water storage preps with your highly skeptical grandmother and it's because of the things we don't talk about-when we sit down to talk- that this is so."

In 2021 the ZS Board of Directors made the unfortunate decision to shut down the forums and close the doors on it's members effective on July 1 of that year. They suggested other social media sites or Discord. Neither of these choices can replace a forum-type experiance and it's archiaval ability. Many of the regular forum users found their way here, where the board has risen from the dead...just a little diffrent.

We hope to move forward with the spirit of Zombie Squad, and begin a new cycle where we can once again, talk to strangers and help them become more self sufficent.